it resonates like spalting wood, Installation, Sculpture, Film, Arcade Campfa, Cardiff, May 29th – July 10th 2021

Work in it resonates like spalting wood:

it resonates like spalting wood, 2021
Ash, green woodwork techniques, set of 3
Short, original, star

Benches, 2021
California Redwood, green woodwork techniques, linseed oil, set of 2

Film, 2021
Three channel, silent, looped 
For their first solo show as a collaborative duo, Beau W Beakhouse and Sadia Pineda Hameed organise, enact and reiterate spaces for interpersonal communication and speculation. The installation it resonates like spalting wood comprises tools for a mode of dialogue that attempts to exist outside colonial space; prioritising tactile and latent ways of speaking, sharing and planning.

Suspended in the gallery, three boards based on the Filipino game sungka revivify fluencies in this tactile, inherent language. The short configuration, original configuration and star configuration function to prime dialogue, facilitate play and signal respectively, allowing two players to express intimacies not possible in languages whose vocabularies inescapably perpetuate and express oppression: I have an abundance, you feel imbalanced, we repeat ourselves. Nearby a windfallen log, split and bookmatched, appoints a site for speculating together. In conversation with histories of settler colonialism, botanical imperialism and the arboretum, the redwood is moved again, now becoming a type of social space which remembers and incites. Accompanying these works is a three-channel film, another sequence of iterations through which place, temporality and fiction intersect. Lit by three torches, a figure maintains a canoe in stasis on a frozen lake, a staging that defamiliarises ideas of stillness, resistance and rest.

it resonates like spalting wood envisions the materials, means and possibilities of dialogue through traditional green woodwork, markings and enactment; resonant objects that share an unfamiliar, utopic green glow.

With support from Arts Council of Wales