adzing planes like waning moons, Installation, Woodwork sculptures, Audio, Thinking Green, Glynn Vivian, 8 April - 18 September, 2022 

Work in adzing planes like waning moons: 

adzing planes like waning moons, 2022
Ash, green woodwork techniques, pyrography, seeds, set of 3
Board, stools

A Medium for all the Moments Outside of Time, 2022
Audio, looped

adzing planes like waning moons is a site of connection and speculation, creating a space to communicate differently. Continuing Beau and Sadia’s exploration of the materials, means and possibilities of dialogue beyond colonial limits, the work uses a modified version of the Filipino board game Sungka - made using traditional green woodwork techniques - to consider the histories of botanical imperialism, labour, craft and language.

Surrounding this is a sound work, a narrated science-fiction short story, A Medium for all the Moments Outside of Time, about the future of language and connection, the possibility of communion and relation with other places and times.

Narration: Umulkhayr Mohamed

Photography: Polly Thomas