UNIDEE: Groundwork for Embedded Practice (residency), Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, 2021

May - July 2021

‘a specific focus on alternative structures, frameworks, ecologies and organisational forms for socially engaged art projects, and the ‘groundwork’ required to build and sustain them. How are artists and artworkers laying the foundations for new realities through creative approaches to collaboration, exchange, economy, labour, policy, pedagogy and networks? How essential is this infrastructure to the success of socially transformative art projects? In what spaces, places and contexts can it emerge and grow? To what extent can we consider its development a part of the practice, and how can we maintain it together?’

With mentoring and support from international artists and practitioners: Katherine Gibson (Australia); Jeanne van Heeswijk (the Netherlands); The Interdependence (artists Kathrin Böhm, Kate Rich, Bianca Elzembauer), Aria Spinelli; Decentralising Political Economies (presented by researcher/curator Alessandra Saviotti and artist Owen Griffiths); Marlo De Lara (USA); Institute of Radical Imagination (represented by artists and academics Massimiliano Mollona, Marco Baravalle and Emanuele Braga), Cráter Invertido (Mexico), Wharf Chambers Co-operative Club (UK), Pyramid, Jade French (UK), Gregory Sholette (USA).