Provocation with Owen Griffiths and Dee Woods,

Film, 5.30 mins, Dhaka Lit Fest, Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea University, June 2021

Provocation is a short film that looks at two communtity garden projects, Graft in Swansea and Granville Community Garden in South Kilburn, London. Founder of Graft Owen Griffiths talks to co-founder of Granville Dee Woods about food systems, localised thinking, community empowerment, food sovereignty, colonial food infrastructure and reimagining our relationship to the garden. 

Provocation was screened as part of Everything Change a series of discussions and events which explored the roles creativity, adaptive thinking and storytelling can play in overcoming the challenges of climate and ecological crises. Speakers included Margaret Atwood, Raj Patel, Suzanne Dhaliwal, and many others.