PAMPHLET BOMB, Performance, EXPERIMENTICA, Chapter Gallery, Cardiff, 5th November 2021

In PAMPHLET BOMB, Beau W Beakhouse and Sadia Pineda Hameed speculate on the near-future of autonomous organising and invisible theatre. Inspired by print pirating, radio dramatisations and Filipino declamation contests, the duo explore cooperative and co-opted labour in late capitalism through the lives and archives of the pamphleteers.

‘These performances have become a way of uniting seemingly disparate or complex formations of mediums and ideas; research into anti-colonial resistance movements in Africa and Asia, speculative and science-fiction, mutual aid and socially-engaged arts projects, digital networks and alternative archives, and allowed for a reappraisal of the performance space as a way to bring together this research but also to occupy space, to be present in the work and to see the performance as a way to manifest the labour processes within its creation.’ (HON Women Artists in Wales)