Selected Projects

An Exploration of Practice: Communion ︎

A prose poem and instructional pamphlet describing consciousness & spiritual practice installed within the LUMIN curated exhibition Communion. The installation explored landscapes, nature reverence, meditation, balance, and poetic space.

1a Inverness Place residency: Made in Roath ︎ 

A two week residency at Made in Roath’s space on the intersections of ecology, spirituality and the post-colonial. Involving installation, libraries, radical printing, dialogues / collaborations, research and film. A rhizomatic, intuitive exploration of the intersecting disciplines. 

A New Mecca ︎

An ongoing project working with Gentle/Radical in Cardiff. The first stage involved workshops on bookmaking, zines and peacebuilding, alongside screenprinting with Sadia Pineda Hameed. The second stage involved a gala night at the 80th anniversary of The Temple of Peace. Reinterpreting the archives, I created a film juxstaposing Maya Deren’s films with the archival footage of the unheard voices of women from the buildings opening ceremony. I also wrote and performed an experimental dual spoken word performance with an installationthat deconstructed the buildings crypt below the performance space. Upcoming stages of the project to come in 2020.


A current collaborative project with Sadia Pineda Hameed based around silent, kinetic modes of communion and care.

high balcony com

A web experiment at in collaboration with Sadia Pineda Hameed. It is a playground and test site for html/css designs, webpage-based art works, collaborative practice online, and new/retro forms of communication.


Presenting an ongoing series of radio programmes on cult & underground artists, contemporary world music & diverse psychedelia + experimental music & spoken word. We also discuss LUMIN related projects, play artist sound pieces and interviews + sometimes include live performances.

The Impossible ‘No’: g39 ︎

A short film created for the WARP Library Dialogue at g39 Cardiff, questioning how institutions govern resources / shape our understanding, and looking to our forgotten alternative passageways for understanding. Title from Gayatri Spivak ‘This impossible ‘no’ to a structure, which one critiques, yet inhabits intimately’.