‘I project myself inside the plant stems growing in our garden and feel some sense of pulsation; of sunrise & night through a virescent cathedral cortex.’

Published on Burning House Press

My poetry takes influence from outlying, avant-garde poets and past movements, from spiritual practice, philosophies of Being (particularly in relation to ecology), post-coloniality, dreams, alternate states of consciousness and multi media performance. 

Its forms and structures are shaped by ‘open-field’ poetics, allowing the lines and layout to dictate themselves, and for  space to take its own place in the poem. Spatiality, absence, the in betweenness of space-that-ties-together, is a continuing preoccupation; the language often aiming to draw attention to a certain kind of silence, to the unspoken, the inexplicable.

I often develop or combine my poetry with film and artist moving image, as narration, in live performance, or as recordings and sound pieces. 

‘morphing with saturated hillsides  his outline marked in the just-beyond of liferivers  footsteps in the concertinaed crescents flowing shallow  towards his concentric heart’

From La Femme (for Mario Santiago)

In the past I have collaborated with artists, other poets and filmmakers for joint works. My poetry is currently published in a number of print and online publication alongside two small pamphlets published with LUMIN. I am currently working on a larger collection of poetry.