My filmmaking is preoccupied with the rhythms and patterns in unfolding natural environments; drawing consciousness throughout the whole body to and through the act of watching. This awareness is the crux of my cinema.

Whilst narrative and large-scale independent or alternative film has influenced and driven my interest in directing, experimental film and artist moving image have become my practice. ‘Slow-cinema’ -long takes and unspoken beauty- are techniques I rely on, but this is often combined with a narrative element: narration, a sound piece, or explanation. The balance of narrative and art cinema leads me into both sides of the film world. 
My past films have appeared in exhibitions and events, and have been screened in conjunction with other projects. Recorded poetry or spoken word are often combined with visual backdrops & multi-media collaborative performances.

The films themselves often make reference to literature or text-based work, both my own and others. Sampling, extracting and repurposing are often a part of my practice.

Forthcoming films include:

Algae Galaxy - Working with a poem titled ‘La Femme (for Mario Santiago)’ the film, currently in pre-production, will focus on the non-humanness of algae, the habitats of psychedelic mushrooms, silence in forests and perspective shifts.

Green Desert - Narrates experiences with city parks, their relationships with absence and memory, their connections and disconnections with larger ecological systems and the small glimpses they offer into other worlds.