Collaborative practice

The collaborative practice of Beau W Beakhouse and Sadia Pineda Hameed has been ongoing since 2014.  

We work across mediums of artist moving image, text-art, poetry, performance and visual art and explore themes of the archive, place, pedagogy, colonial history and non-normative poetry.

Our long-term and research-based projects explore excavation and post-colonial thought, radical organising and reorganising, building our own libraries, archives and syllabuses, enshrinment through enaction as opposed to re-enactment, and care. ︎︎︎


2019 - Present
Supported by Arts Council Wales / Lottery Fund

A multi-phase and multi-disciplinary project on silent and unsilenced communication. Tactile language, future-telling.

The first stage uses traditional green woodcraft, film, and research to develop a sculptural and ‘playable’ artefact; multiple configurations of the ‘sungka’ board close to Sadia Pineda Hameed’s Filipino heritage. 

A second phase between August - September 2020 puts into practice our ‘active-archive’ approach; collaborating with artists Zain Amir & Radha Patel. 




‘The great secret is no secret
Senses fit the winds,
Visible is visible,
rain-mist curtains wave through the bearded vale, 

What did I notice? Particulars!’
- Wales Visitation, Allen Ginsberg

A located project in the Black Mountains tracing Allen Ginsberg’s 1967 ‘trip’ to Llanthony Valley. Enaction as opposed to reanactment through a sequence of film works and performances as exposition, development, and recapitulation. A summoning.