Beau W Beakhouse

is a poet, filmmaker and curator based in Cardiff. His artistic practice returns to themes of language, land, the post-colonial, alternate histories and dreams. He co-runs LUMIN Press with Sadia Pineda Hameed, in particular producing the print publication for radical, experimental and personal art LUMIN Journal, supported by Books Council of Wales. He also hosts LUMIN RADIO. He has a collaborative arts practice with Sadia Pineda Hameed.

He has worked with Peak Cymru, Gentle/Radical, Literature Wales, Where I’m Coming From, SHIFT, Made in Roath, g39, The Welsh Agenda, Wales Millenium Centre and others & has work upcoming with MOSTYN, ArcadeCampfa & Tangent Projects

Sungka w/ Sadia Pineda Hameed. Supported by Arts Council of Wales. Nov 2020

‘Recovering Our Collective Awareness’. Supported by Literature Wales. Nov 2020

Artist-in-Residence @ Peak Cymru. Sept - Nov 2020

Lumin Journal 3. Supported by Books Council of Wales August 2020

Where I’m Coming From Anthology. August 2019

Artist-in-Residence @ Made in Roath 1a Inverness Place

‘The Impossible “No”’ shared at g39 WARP Library Dialogue. July 2019

Zine Making Workshop + Artist Book Installation @ Rawffest. April 2019

An Exploration of Practice @ Communion. March 2019

‘The Key’ + ‘The Crypt’ + Zine Making @ Gentle/Radical’s A New Mecca supported by Arts Council of Wales. November 2018

LUMIN Library @ Three Doors Up. Dec-May 2018