Beau W Beakhouse

is a writer, poet, filmmaker and curator based in Cardiff. His artistic practice returns to spatiality, spirituality, ecology, the post-colonial, the archive, language, dreams, and altered states.

He co-runs LUMIN Press with Sadia Pineda Hameed, in particular producing the print publication for experimental and marginalised art LUMIN Journal, supported by Books Council of Wales. He also hosts LUMIN RADIO.

As a freelancer, he facilitates experimental writing workshops, curates multi-disciplinary arts events and combines his personal and collaborative practices working in grassroots community settings.

He has been commissioned by/ has worked with SHIFT, the Temple of Peace, Wales Millennium Centre, Arcade Cardiff, Where I’m Coming From, Literature Wales, Gentle/Radical, Radio Platfform, Made in Roath, Rawffest and G39.

A place of intersection and convergence: radical research into the philosophies of ecology

‘Let us say yes to who or what turns up, before any determination, before any anticipation, before any identification, whether or not it has to do with a foreigner, an immigrant, an invited guest, or an unexpected visitor, whether or not the new arrival is the citizen of another country, a human, animal, or divine creature, a living or dead thing, male or female.’ Jaques Derrida, Of Hospitality

A residency with Made In Roath, August 2019,

at the 1a Inverness Place arts research space. I brought together a collection of books on ecology, spirituality and post-colonialism to rhizomatically explore the links between them. Initially sparked by Gentle/Radical’s event Decolonising Environmentalism, I looked into approaches that shift and decentre the privileging of western & anthropocentric viewpoints.

Alongside personal research, I had dialogues in the space with artists, architects, academics, and friends, allowing conversations to follow similar rhizomatic routes. Jacques Derrida’s conception of openness and ‘hospitality’ to those on the threshold formed my attitude to the space itself; and the work of postcolonial critics and people of colour, from Frantz Fanon, Gayatri Spivak and Édouard Glissant, to Wretched of the Earth, Rabab Ghazoul, Suzanne Dhaliwal and more informed, shaped and educated my research.

Alongside this the philosophy of object oriented ontology via Graham Harman and, in particular, the ecologically and artistically focused Timothy Morton were central, changing how I thought of the space and my attempts to continually acknowledge non-humanness.

Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari’s concept of the rhizome (and similar concepts in the work of Édouard Glissant) became a way to conceptualise these connections.

The space itself was arranged for reading, meditation, or relaxation with a hexagonal wooden installation, plants and a small library.

To collate this research, I put together excerpts, images and texts that had shaped my thinking, combining them in a reader that, during a sharing day, I printed for and discussed with anyone who visited the space. I also created postcards and prints during the residency that I included in the reader. I shared some of my film work (Liminal occurrences of Buddleia and The Impossible ‘No’) on similar themes.

Poetry & Prose

‘I project myself inside the plant stems growing in our garden and feel some sense of pulsation; of sunrise & night through a virescent cathedral cortex.’ Published with Burning House Press

In print and performance 

The Private Study & Interior Architecture on Burning House Press4 poems (inc. text and film) in Theta-Wave with English and French translation, 2 poems in Wildeboy Issue 2Willow like Wisteria in Porridge MagazineWater Runs Endlessly x Goodparley for Lucent DreamingInterview for Lucent Dreaming magazinePoetry in Artis Natura with English and French translation; and performances at Where I’m Coming From and g39.

Spatiality, absence, the in betweenness of space-that-ties-together, is a continuing preoccupation; attention to a certain kind of silence, to the unspoken, the inexplicable.

I often develop or combine my poetry with film and artist moving image, as narration, in live performance, or as recordings and sound pieces.

Filmmaking and artist moving image

My past films have appeared in exhibitions and events, and have been screened in conjunction with other projects. 

Current work

Sungka - a collaborative film and installation with Sadia Pineda Hameed, based around silent, kinetic modes of communion and care. Involving the crafting of, and dialogue through, a Filipino boardgame.

Selected projects / works:

The Impossible No, g39 - short film created for the WARP Library Dialogue at g39 Cardiff, questioning how institutions govern resources/ archives and how this goverance shapes our understanding. Title from Gayatri Spivak ‘This impossible ‘no’ to a structure, which one critiques, yet inhabits intimately’.

High balcony com - web experiment at in collaboration with Sadia Pineda Hameed. A playground and test site for html/ css designs, webpage-based art works, collaborative online practice, and new/ retro forms of communication.

A New Mecca - a project with Gentle/Radical & The Temple of Peace. Reinterpreting the building’s archives, I juxstaposed Maya Deren’s films with the archival footage of the unheard voices of women from the buildings opening ceremony. I also wrote and performed an experimental dual spoken word performance (w/ Sadia Pineda Hameed) within an installation that deconstructed the buildings crypt. Perfomed at the building’s 80th anniversary gala.

An Exploration of Practice (part of Communion @ SHIFT) - An installation formed of a prose poem and instructional pamphlet describing consciousness & spiritual practice, wire sculpture and ornamentation, installed within the LUMIN curated exhibition Communion. The installation explored landscapes, nature reverence, meditation, balance, and poetic space.

Sungka - a current collaborative project with Sadia Pineda Hameed based around silent, kinetic modes of communion and care.